Helping people be more creative &
believe in the power of their dreams

What does CuteCraftyGirl do?


Everything starts with a sample.  Grand ideas are broken into smaller, bite sized pieces that are easy for Students to duplicate.  The steps are refined, and made as simple as possible!  


One step at a time.  Straight forward instructions, explained, demonstrated and simple to follow.  

It's Easy, FUN and the reward at the end is absolutely PRICELESS!  


It's always easier to learn something new when surrounded by like-minded people!  To know that you'll be supported no matter what, and

CuteCraftyGirl has your back!  Take Your Creativity to the Next Level!

Brandi Penrose​​​​



In the beginning, Students tell themselves that they're "not creative" and are hoping for some kind of miracle.  In the end, they're amazed at their accomplishment, and look at their new masterpiece like it was Magic!  

Now, I feel blessed to teach other creatives how to take their hobby to the next level. 

That's why I do this work !

Which one Best describes You?

I Need Ideas!

Dip your toe it!  

(But keep your shoes on!)

☞Tried, Tested and True!

Projects that are low commitment, easy to follow, and Fun with people doing exactly what you're doing... 

You need help with results

You've tried it, and now you're Hooked!

Roll up your sleeves

and get your hands dirty!

(well, sort of!)  

Make Better projects, get more info, and enhance your skills...

You want to Grow!

You're getting really good, and you've got the finished products to prove it!

Learn how to leverage your talents to make some cash, while using your supply stash wisely...

The Benefits of working with CuteCraftyGirl 


Skip the Trial & Error

If she's teaching it, she's done it, Over and Over again!  You'll be able to get right to the good stuff, and Eliminate the Struggle of trying to figure it out on your own. 


Thinking Outside the Box

Unusual Project ideas, Unique Problem Solving & Upcycling Trash 2 Treasure to make Funky New Art is what CuteCraftyGirl is all About!  


Built in Cheerleader

Anyone can be more creative!  Think of it as a skill, and CuteCraftyGirl is your coach!  She'll Encourage & Enhance your skills every step of the way!

Something for Everyone!

One-Stop-Shop to make your own Projects &

Setup Your Own Studio

Inspiration and Supplies to add a

touch of Whimsy to your life!

​​Mini -Course​​​

How to Sell Your Art &

Turn your Hobby into a Business

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