Abundance Deep Dive: Day 2

Dear Diary,

I was a little lost today.  Steve was blabbing on, and it was evident that he’s a computer game developer, and going on about “simulations” and “alternative realities.”

Staying with it, and not checking out was a challenge in itself.  When he started giving examples of how that actually relates to real life, it started to click for me.

If I choose to think in Objective terms, like when I’m hungry, I can simply go to the fridge and get something to eat.  Simple problem solving.  If it was a simulation, or a Subjective reality, it would look more like thinking the hunger away, or manifesting a full stomach.


Sometimes Objective reality makes sense, so go for it.  Sometimes, it doesn’t.

When I am caught in the cycle of scarcity, it is hard to see any kind of solution that will truly solve the problem, or dissolve it completely, because I’m busy spinning in Objective solutions that don’t really work.

I’m broke.  Just make more money.  Do whatever necessary to make money.  Trade time for money.  Get burnt out.  Take lots of time off to recover and only go back to work when I’m broke.

Spin cycle, based on Objective reality.

When Steve gave the example of the Subjective Reality acting like a movie, and I get to play the character of me.  It’s not actually real.  I won’t die if my character dies, but anything is possible.  I can fly, have super powers, etc.

So what if my character is dealt the same challenges I currently have… How would she develop and what would the story be?

When I started thinking about my life in these terms, my problems and challenges became a task to overcome.  If my character is going to get to the end of the movie, what must she do, think, become, etc in order to move forward?

What cool things can I make her do along the way?  What if she actually had FUN while accomplishing all of this?!


Holy Fuck.


Even though this is just a “simulation” as Steve puts it, I can have a completely different perspective on the same set of shit circumstances I was bitching about prior to this call.  I could play with this, create multiple alternate endings, and play around with it until I figure out something that feels just right!

The situation doesn’t change.  But my thoughts, feelings, vibration and attitude drastically shift.  I am in a more optimistic, and even grateful for the situation.  I can learn to Trust the Universe, and see that the shit situation, is actually a gift.  The Universe really is on my side, and wants me to grow, succeed, and flourish.


I can choose which path I want to take.


I can choose to be resentful, resist the circumstances, and wallow in self pity.  Or I can look at my situation from a Subjective Reality point-of-view.  I really like the movie analogy and that I can shape and develop my character however I want.  It’s not real, but it could be.  I can play and try different things on, and see what fits.

I especially like the energy that comes from the shift.  I am happy again.  Even in my shit situation.  I start to exude gratitude.  I think about all the possibilities.  I realize that this shit situation is actually a gift.  The circumstances are not permanent, and I will likely move forward.  How I do it, is totally up to me.  When I believe the Universe is on my side, Loves me and wants the absolute Best for me, it makes it that much easier!

Until Tomorrow!

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Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl