Abundance Deep Dive: Day 5

Dear Diary,

Today really resonates with me, and I finally found the missing link that made my current situation a bit more clear.

Steve talked about Exchanges of Value: what are we giving and what are we receiving?

Each time we have an Exchange in Value, we’ve given an offer.  Any item for sale with a price tag is an offer.  Any service that has a fee is an offer.  We also have offers in relationships, both personal and business related.

When we give, we’re also receiving.  If you’re not receiving, look at what your offer is.

The 4 different types of offers:





*The only scalable offer for sustainability and growth is Win/Win

Sometimes we can create really shitty offers.  If you look at your results, you’ll be able to see how people are receiving your offer, and what they choose to give to you in return.


Having a shitty offer doesn’t make you a shitty person.


You can make simple tweaks and play with existing offers, or toss them completely and start over.

The best is to listen to what your audience/ideal customer is wanting, and find a way to deliver.

So many marketers now are promising the moon in order to collect your money, so choose to align with people who’s offer speaks to you.  If it feels off, skip it and move on.  Someone with a better offer that’s more in alignment with your goals is just around the corner!  Be Patient and watch for signs!

After trying to find the Win/Win in my business for the past year or so, I finally surrendered.  I’m looking at all of the offers I’ve given my students, and some are great!  In the beginning, they were in total alignment with my own goals and dreams!

As time moved on, and I became more efficient at teaching, I moved away from spontaneity.  It seemed like the right thing to do, and my business became predictable.    A well oiled machine, that worked really well for students.

What I didn’t know then and I realized over time was that I like to be wild and spontaneous.  I love the thrill of jumping in the deep end and not knowing what I’ll find.  I had almost completely eliminated this from my business model since most professionals don’t enjoy working with “flakey artists.”

I get that I made assumptions.  I get that I also judged them and myself.  I see that in my results now, and am staring down at a massive crossroads in my life because of it.

In order for me to continue with this business, I would have to continue to sacrifice a tiny part of my soul, in hopes that it would balance to a win/win at some point.  I can morph and change the business to move more into alignment with my new heart-centred path, with the risk that some of the students drop off.


Crap.  Now what?  Sacrifice a few for my greater good?


Here’s the rub:  If I’m miserable while trying to be creative, everyone will feel it.

If I am happy and delighted while I get to be my “flakey, spontaneous, crazy, wild” self, who benefits?  Everyone!

Some will fall off my path if it’s not in alignment with who they are.  I’ll also attract new people into my life that are meant to be.  In fact, my social media is exploding with new friend requests and people that are more like my ideal client.  It’s been exploding all week!  (And not just the new profile scammers, but REAL people!)

What happened?  I didn’t post anything new.  I didn’t announce any changes.  The new people started showing up when I started this challenge.  When my energy and vibration shifted.  Crazy right?  Effortless right?

I’m not saying Fans are the answer.  But there is a definite connection between what’s shifting inside me, and what’s showing up in results.  Money isn’t manifesting yet, but people are, and in ABUNDANCE!  Yay!

I am relieved to have more clarity from this day.  Any of the gray areas in my life that seemed a bit cloudy or hazy are becoming crystal clear, and I can feel my energy and power come back and surge through my body.  I love myself again, and am thrilled to be moving forward 🙂

I can hardly wait until tomorrow!

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Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl