Abundance Deep Dive: Day 8

Dear Diary,

I started the day with $62 in my bank account.  I have multiple bills coming out of that same account on Friday, and I’m confident everything will work out.

I’ve made the decision to dissolve the parts of my business that no longer light me up, and I and feeling happier than ever.


The biggest part of this whole process is having faith in the Universe and Trusting that I will be taken care of.

I had a family member offer to help me out if I couldn’t figure it out on my own.  I really didn’t want to go that route, but I knew if it came down to losing my car, she wouldn’t let that happen.

It turns out, that one of my students felt the same way.  She’s had a burning desire and has felt a calling to start teaching, and my situation sparked her to take a risk.

Long story short, I threw out a magic number of what I wanted for half of my business, and she accepted!

Just over 8 days ago, I had no idea how I’d pay rent, let alone my upcoming bills.  I now have enough money to pay my bills for the rest of 2018!  I get to write, do crazy, cool, creative experiments for the next 4.5 months, and I’m completely taken care of!

This student gets to jump into a new phase in her life, and try something she’s never done before.  I get to help her with that, over the next few months.  Teach her everything I know, support, encourage and become her cheerleader as she takes this huge leap of faith.


She rescued me, and I rescued her right back.  The result is beyond a Win/Win.  Two Dreams are coming True.


I didn’t ask for this specifically.  I just had faith that it would work out for the highest good.  Trusted that the Universe would take care of me.  And it did.  Best Case Scenario!

I risked disapproval, judgement, and persecution.  Instead, I found hope, encouragement, support, and people cheering me on!  Some of the people who don’t agree with my choice to move forward would have fallen away eventually anyway.  I’ve had a few try and dig their claws in, only to find that nothing is there to grab onto.

I’m becoming my Best Self, and I chose to lean in.  I asked the Universe what might happen if I gave up teaching.  It turned out, that that was my answer!  Let go.  Let my hands be open to a new opportunity, and just be patient.

I accepted my first payment today, and I know more money is about to roll in between now and Monday.  I am taken care of.  I am so grateful for the feeling of scarcity.  It didn’t kill me.  I found peace and happiness there.  I had a skip in my step, and a giant smile on my face.  I made payments with ease, knowing that more money is around the corner.  And it is.

Today is Day 8.  I was flat broke 8 days ago, and now I have enough money to take care of me until the rest of the year.  If I could dig myself out of the biggest rut I’ve ever had in only 8 days, what else could I do?  What else does my simulator have in store for me?  What other areas of my life could be overflowing with Abundance?  Now that money isn’t such a strain in my life, how much more could I bring in?  What crazy goal could I set for myself?  I think I’ll have to journal on that!

We have 22 more days left in this challenge.  Fasten your seat belts folks!  This is going to be awesome!!!!

Thank You, Happy, More please!

Until Tomorrow!

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Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl