30 Day Abundance Deep Dive Summary

What did I learn?  What were my WOW moments?  What did it take to get me out of Scarcity?


Well, I looked back on my journal notes and highlighted my biggest takeaways.  Before I launch into that, I just want to paint a small image of what my life was like before the challenge.  (I go more in depth in the first day, if you want all the juicy details!)

I was broke, no money coming in, rent due and seriously considering selling my car (which I still make payments on) just to get rid of the debt and pressure.

I needed money fast, and had no idea what I was doing wrong. 

By the time the course started, I had surrendered to the idea that the Universe must have a trick up it’s sleeve and that something had to be in the works for me.  I was desperate and I was at rock bottom.  But instead of being miserable and depressed, I chose to find joy in it.  What in my life is going right?  What is working?

I remembered that “everything happens for a reason” so this too must be happening for a reason.

I started asking myself different questions:

  1. What can I do differently to feel Abundant on the inside?
  2. How can I share that with others?
  3. What’s worked out for me in the past when I felt like I was hitting bottom?
  4. What was the result from that?

I realized that it could only go up from here.  It would get better.  It couldn’t possibly get worse.

On Day 1, my biggest WOW was figuring out my earliest Trust violation.  Exploring that to childhood, and digging into what happened.  Realizing that the event didn’t have anything to do with me, but I let people’s opinions shake my confidence and deteriorate my self worth.

I also learned that this violation was a gift.  Learn to love myself no matter what.  Be proud of me, and tell my story to encourage others. 

Days 2-4 I learned about Subjective and Objective Reality, and how I can shift my perspective to have a completely different view of my life and the situation.  These were the hardest days for me.  The way Steve explained it was a foreign concept to me, and it took a few days to sink in.

By Day 5, I realized I no longer loved my work and I needed to sell my business.

By Day 6 I had an offer for my full asking price, and by Day 8, I had 50% of the money in my account.

My bills were due on Day 10, and I was able to pay rent and have enough money to last me the remainder of the YEAR!  That’s right… until December 31, 2018.  It was only the beginning of August!

I needed a shift to get out of the rut.  I wrote over and over again in BIG letters:  TRUST

I had to believe in all my being that the Universe would take care of me.  Just like it had in the past.  I needed help and I was willing to do anything necessary.

Selling my business was the perfect solution.  I got out of a commitment that I wasn’t excited about fulfilling and I got to help someone else answer her calling.

I risked pissing off students and customers, and finally put myself first.  Loved myself first.  Served myself first.  BAM!

I could feel my energy shift, and my body started to vibrate at a much higher frequency.  All I had to do was Trust.  I said it over and over, out loud and in my thoughts.

“I trust the Universe.  Everything will work out.”

I started to ask questions like “What if?”

I played with the ideas of doing things I liked and stopped doing things I didn’t like.  What’s funny is, I convinced myself I needed to continue to teach in order to make money.  When I asked myself “What if I never teach another art class again?”  I was shocked to discover my body got really excited!

I started to ask myself more “What if” questions, and more ideas started brewing.

It was scary but rewarding to have one person save my financial situation.  She had the cash but lacks experience.  I have loads of experience but lacked the cash.

Perfect Win/Win, which is the next lesson.

It wasn’t the first time I’d heard it, but it was the first time I honoured that little voice that said, “I’m not happy anymore.”  When I started to sell off the supplies and tools, the students that were mad left, and the rest cheered me on!  Some are eager to follow me to my new path, and some are happy to say farewell.  I really think it all worked out exactly how it was supposed to.

I needed to be in scarcity to experience the sorrow.  The pain and the self inflicted suffering.  I needed to learn that I don’t want to live there.  

I surrendered to what wasn’t working, and asked the Universe to help me.

Learning about the “simulator” and the Subjective reality lens was imperative for me to shift.  I now think of myself as a character in a movie, and I can help direct and write the script of her life.  I can have fun and ask for wild and crazy things, and not feel weird or guilty about it.

By Day 15, I realized that my social alignment needs some work.  I’m no longer surrounded by people that are capable of the kind of support I now need.  I hear more often than not, “I don’t really understand what you’re talking about.”

It’s time to make new friends, and expand my circle.  Not that anything is “wrong” with my current friends.  They are lovely people.  But I’m not growing.  And I want to grow!

As I blogged and vlogged my way through the challenge, I started to fall in love with myself.  I’d watch the video as I uploaded it to YouTube, and say out loud how much I loved that girl on the video and how proud I was of her for doing all of this.  And I do feel that way!  How cool to watch yourself from an outside perspective and to think, I wish I could be friends with her!  Haha.  I love it!

Day 17 was a Q & A session, and it was one of my least favourite days.  I prefer a bit more structure in lecture style with lots of analogies that I can use as an example in my life.  It was very random and I didn’t find it beneficial to my circumstance at the time.

Days 18-22 were the most impactful for where I’m at right now.  It was all about Heart alignment in different areas of my life, and I am still asking myself questions about what feels good and what I want to do next.

I realized that I was always chasing money, and I would sacrifice my happiness and FUN to make money.  My life was passing me by and more often than not, I was miserable.  Money doesn’t motivate me.  Having Fun and enjoying that tingling feeling when I’m being creative is what I want to spend my life doing!

Day 24-30 were great reminders for me to stay in love with myself, and as long as that’s happening, everything else falls into place from there.  When I’m happy and confident, I make better decisions, have better focus, and make heart aligned choices.

Other Personal Development courses I’ve taken in the past covered much of the same material, so it was a nice review, and these days were great for getting clear on what I want and don’t want moving forward.

As of Aug 31, 2018:

I’ve collected all the monies owed to me, and I am able to pay my fixed expenses for the remainder of 2018.  I will still need to find income for food and gas.

I am able to dedicate a substantial amount of time to writing, exploring new ideas of creativity, AND I get to have FUN in the process.  I have Faith that with my goals of establishing a new social circle, and dedicating time to practice being spiritual and abundant, I will find heart aligned ways of attracting money and more abundance into my life.  I have Trust in the Universe, and I am in full brainstorming mode of what I want to work on next!

I have loads of energy and motivation to take on some BIG projects.  I have this funny feeling that this is the start of something really transformative for me, and I’m so excited to see where this goes!

I encourage everyone to try this Deep Dive.  Parts of it were hard.  If transformation was easy, everyone would be doing it and nobody would suffer.

I did find that Steve had lots of practical advice and action steps to get unstuck.  Each day he brought the energy of love, kindness and respect.  I am so grateful I took the risk and dedicated myself to doing this every single day for 30 Days.

I am a different person, and I am in the process of becoming my best self! 

I wish everyone the best that life has to offer, and encourage you to believe in yourself!

Dream BIG❤️Create Often❤️Inspire Others

Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl