Abundance Deep Dive: Day 4

Dear Diary,

I feel like I have a heavy heart today.  I don’t normally take on the feelings and problems of others.

We did a group exercise today, to set intention for the group to experience Love, Peace, Acceptance, Support, etc.

What I felt showing up, was despair, hopelessness, lack of trust, lack of belief, and sadness.

I’m not sure how many in the group are suffering, and how many are in the upswing and moving forward.


I feel like I was just in the pit of despair, and I’ve managed to dissolve it.

I can understand how others are still there, and how they are feeling right now.  My hope is to give them enough love and belief that they start to shift.

My concern is that they’re looking for the easy answer.  They’re looking for a quick fix.  That magic “one fits all” solution.

I’ve found that the way out is making a U-turn, and going back through the shit, and sifting through it finding lessons, gratitude, and understanding.  When I am in a place where I can be kind to myself as I review what happened, keep a neutral perspective, and reserve judgement, I find the despair dissolving almost instantly.


To help Blast out of Scarcity, learn to serve others!


We can instantly shift our state of mind by setting and holding an intention.  Send love, peace and compassion to all humans.

Meditate and let the feeling consume you.  Most people desire:  To be Loved, Understood, and Accepted!

Imagine creating long strands of Hope, Love, Encouragement, etc, and twist them into a massive ball of yarn.  Start wrapping the Earth with this ball of Love, sending positive energy and kindness to all humans.  Imagine it touches and penetrates them, and by doing so, we all become connected, sharing the same Love, Light and positive energy.

If that is too much of a stretch for you, or if giving to the entire world is a bit out of reach, no worries!  

Start with YOU first: simply sit and imagine yourself consumed in a large glow of white light.  Let the love and hope from others penetrate you.  Let yourself be open to the Abundance that others are giving you, and lean on them energetically for support, while you gain strength. 

You can do this as often as you like, for as long as you like.  It doesn’t cost a thing, and can be super efficient: spend just one minute each day doing it.  It gets easier and easier to send people love and light, and we get better and recognizing the feeling, and accepting it into our own lives.

If feelings of doubt, unworthiness, guilt, anger, despair, etc, show up, simply thank them for the reminder, and keep yourself surrounded in the light.  As you practice this more, it becomes easier to focus on the feeling and the light, and the “mind chatter” starts to fade. 


Sometimes when we’re so used to feeling like shit, it feels weird when something good happens.


Feeling loved, appreciated, and grateful can have a strange vibration after being in the pit of despair for long periods of time.

I sometimes feel guilty.  If someone else is suffering, and I feel good, that doesn’t feel right.

But me feeling like shit doesn’t solve anything. Putting myself in a state that creates less and keeps me stuck doesn’t contribute anything to others.  

Reminding myself that I am way more helpful to everyone when I am my Best Self.  When I feel amazing, and am loving myself, flawed and all, it feels like sunshine is escaping from my eyes, my smile and my laugh.

If a person is wallowing in a pit of despair, what is more likely to help them?  Someone choosing to be under their own doom and gloom cloud?  Or someone that radiates like sunshine?


It is effortless to be kind, and the best part: It’s free!


It’s totally Abundant and Everyone can do it!  You can smile at someone, wave or say hi.  

Try it for yourself:  Smile a genuine, happy smile at everyone you see, for one whole day!  If that seems like too much, try one whole hour.  If that still seems too much, try one person per day, and work up from there.

Maybe your smile gives them hope and encouragement that day.  Maybe your smile helps them feel of worthy of love and connection.  Maybe your smile helps them feel beautiful.

Try it, and let me know how it goes!

Until Tomorrow!

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Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl

Sending You Love and Light Today!

Sending you Love and Light Today!