Abundance Deep Dive: Day 13

Dear Diary,

I am so happy and grateful that I am resilient and determined!  Many challenges have popped up over the years, and just as one problem is solved, a few more pop up in its place.

We talked about Boundaries again today, and it sunk in even deeper that I can create my own reality and frame how I want to live with my circumstances.  I get to choose the path I take, and it doesn’t have to be filled with guilt, shame, regret or blame.

I can let go of mistakes I’ve made in the past, and really use them as stepping stones to where I am going instead.

Today’s challenge is rather comical.  As I attempt to upload the video to edit in iMovie, my computer is telling me it’s full.  WHAT?!  How can that be?  I have so much storage.  Correction:  I had storage.  It really is full.  Maxed out on crap and stuff I don’t need, but is a mix of 3.5 years worth of life.  Some is glorious and some is filler.


Is there an easy path to just say, ok, let’s delete everything and start over?

If it’s meant to be, it will still be there when I need it.  But panic sets in.  OMG.  What if I delete precious photos of beloved pets, photos of projects that I’ll need for upcoming posts, or videos of me blabbing on about something life changing…?!

I want to laugh and cry at the same time.  I can’t accept new opportunities if my hands are full of junk from the past.  I’m pretty sure my photos are backed up.  I’m pretty sure my important documents are in the cloud.

I have a 3 month backlog of photos and videos to sync to the cloud because I can add them faster than Apple can keep up.

Is it time for a reset?  Can I take a leap of faith like that?  Risk losing everything to have my slate completely clean?

We are at Day 13, and I don’t have enough storage to continue this way for the rest of the challenge.  I know that in the end, I’ll end up deleting it all, and saying Thank You, and goodbye to the past.

I am scared.  But it’s time.

I didn’t think this would ever happen.  I thought I took every precaution, but I didn’t allow for the frivolous crap that would fill in all of the gaps.  The memes, inspirational quotes, and irrelevant photos that are not even mine.  The desire to keep things that inspire me, but I don’t actually look at for inspiration.

How does this fit into today’s chat?  I think it’s perfect.  Learn to say, NO to the junk from the past, and NO to the hold it’s had on me.  I want to be free to create something new.

So what do I really need to keep?  The basics so I can show people how I did what I did.  That’s it.  Everything else can go.  (gulp)


I’ve taken more leaps of faith and stretched my comfort zone more in the last few months than I have in years.


If you want to achieve something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

I have faith in the Universe, and that what I need will be around the corner.  The support, tools and supplies will show up, and everything will flow smoothly, with ease and joy.

Time to write an affirmation to make that solid!

Until Tomorrow!

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Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl