Abundance Deep Dive: Day 15

Dear Diary,

I’m so pumped today!  It feels like so many things are falling into place!

Today was all about Social Abundance. 

Instead of figuring out the “what” or the “when” or the “how,” Steve suggested looking at the “who.”  Who do you want to spend time with?  Who do you want to work with?  Who adds value to your life, and who seems to suck you dry?

I loved having this message today.  I had just finished writing about 12 questions to start answering about what the next steps are, and where should I look for more support, and when is all of this going to happen…?

To start with the “Who” makes all of this easier for me.  Who is my ideal client?  What qualities do they have that make them my favourite to work with?  Picture them in my mind.

Who are my cheerleaders right now?  How can I enhance those relationships and become more aligned with my new Best Self?

Who do I want to attract into my life?  Who are my Dream 100?  (The people in the world that I would like to meet, hang out with, and learn from)

This step feels like the first domino to knock over.  When I become clear on the people that I want to align with and what qualities they have that I aspire to have as well, it starts to turn me in the right direction automatically, without much effort.


Success leaves a trail of evidence to follow.


None of this is really news to me, or is different from what the gurus tell you to do.  The difference for me is that I’m not chasing something from a scarcity mindset.  I’m not in a desperate place that feels needy and clingy.

I’m coming from a place of co-creation, where I can add value to their lives, and they can add value to mine.  We can grow and evolve together, and it feels energizing and FUN!

The excitement that I have for my life right now feels so good, and to think that 2 weeks ago, I was so broke and feeling damaged.

A simple shift in thinking can make all the difference!

All I did to get from where I was at to this moment now: I leaned in.  I surrendered to the will of the Universe, and let the pieces fall into place.  When the small hint of intuition sparked, I took action.  It was actually really simple, and the results are profound for me.

I have enough money that my basic needs are covered for the next few months.  Boom!  Done.

Now, I have time to focus on what needs to get done.  I’ve eliminated distractions and an uninspiring To-Do list.  I now get to work on something that has been calling to me for over a year, and all I have to do is Lean in.

Go with the flow, and enjoy the process as it goes.  Don’t try to figure everything out ahead of time, and surrender to what shows up.

Trust that the Universe has your back, and have Faith!

Until Tomorrow!

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Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl