Abundance Deep Dive: Day 17

Dear Diary,

Sometimes life takes a weird turn, and you just have to go with the flow.

Today’s talk was a Q & A and I thought it would revolve around money.  Little did I know, I would be wrong again, and it was an open discussion about how to apply some of these lessons, and some specific questions about how to get unstuck.

I mostly watched and took notes on what common problems people are having.  I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between them, my students and my friends.  The wording might be slightly different, and the exact circumstances slightly different, but the key challenges that most humans are facing.


I had the opportunity today to chat with a friend of mine, and share some of the insights I’ve had from this challenge so far.


She’s someone with a huge heart, and is very intuitive.  I’m the bold, loud, outgoing friend, that usually bulldozes through the bullshit to help clear a path to the truth.

I often see her when she needs some encouragement and positive reinforcement in her life.  I’m usually in a space where my energy is quite high, and I don’t mind pumping her up.  It doesn’t take away from my life, and I love helping her to feel empowered and loved.

Sometimes she struggles with the will to live, and I do wonder if one day she will call it quits and give up on herself.  I only want good things for her, and no matter how dark it gets for her, I don’t turn my back or a blind eye.

Today we talked about “What if” and how that could be a fun challenge for her.  Instead of getting stuck in the objective reality, what if her life was different?  What if she could direct her own life, and write a whole bunch of alternate endings?

She described her life like living on the Titanic.  She’s well aware she’s on a sinking ship, and just waiting to die.  She comes up with all kinds of possibilities, but talks herself out of any hope because of the impending doom.

So in my usual fashion, I suggested she find another ship.  And that is terrifying when the consequences are too big to handle.  I get that.

Another option might be finding a lifeboat, and lowering yourself into the water, and just sit there for a bit.  Get a different perspective.  You’re safe in the lifeboat, and now you can create whatever you want.  If you choose to go back to the Titanic, no problem.  But OWN it then.  If your life is to precious to abandon, then stay.  But choose to love it, and pour 100% effort into it.  But also realize that you admit it’s a sinking ship.

Or, you can choose a different life.


What if all of the people on board also choose a lifeboat, and you all get to create a life you really want.  What if everyone wins, and everyone gets a happy ending?

You can make a different choice.  Ask the Universe for a different option.  Admit where you’re at, and ask for strength to deal with the consequences that will result from making a different choice.

There might be sadness and hurt as the shift happens.  After the hurt comes healing, and then growth.  How much better might your life be if you made a different choice?  How much more FUN could you be having if you let yourself Dream?  How much love and appreciation could fill your heart if you just let it?

What if…?

Try it on.  Journal about fantasies and alternate endings.  Journal about Dreams and Goals and anything that does float your boat.

If it doesn’t fit, no problem!  You don’t have to commit to an idea.  You just need to have the courage to think it.  To imagine it.  To entertain that it could be an answer.

Getting out of scarcity is about getting unstuck.  I told my friend about how I felt like I was buried in cement up to my neck, and that I didn’t feel like I could move.  Until I said “What if?”

It was like a magic wand erased the cement and I was suddenly free.  I could breathe again, and think more clearly.  I started to fantasize and dream about what could be.  And I had this funny feeling of excitement and wonder.  I loved it and knew I was onto something.

Be courageous, and ask yourself, “What if…?” and see what comes up!

Until Tomorrow!

Dream BIG❤️Create Often❤️Inspire Others

Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl