Abundance Deep Dive: Day 18

Abundance Deep Dive: Day 18

Dear Diary,

I found I was getting emotional when Steve was talking about Heart Aligned choices, and Emotional Abundance.

I’ve been fortunate in my life to have had the connection with Heart Aligned choices, and also the polar opposite, and staying in situations I didn’t feel aligned with out of duty and obligation.

I can honestly say, I’d rather be dirt poor and be in love with my life and my choice than feel tied to something that feels like it’s slowly killing me.

For years I worked in Retail Management, and I watched as years ticked by like minutes, and my life was passing me by.  I wondered how I’d ever start my own business or meet a partner to share my life with if I was constantly working.

I did take the leap and through an unusual set of circumstances, I left my job without a safety net.  I took a series of crazy odd jobs and pursued Art.  Through all the trial and error, I found a path that worked well for me, and I went all in.  I was so proud to call myself an artist, and for the most part, was fully supporting me.

It wasn’t a perfect system, and I made lots of mistakes along the way, but I am so glad I took the leap.  Had I stayed on my original career path, I probably would’ve switched to a different retail chain, and started the spin cycle all over again.


It’s not that it’s a bad path.  There’s just no Heart in it for me.

When I make decisions based on what makes my heart sing, I feel alive, bubbly, energetic, and happy.  Often people say I’m glowing.

It feels like I could do a continuous loop of cartwheels, and skip with my arms swinging as I move about my day.

After choosing the unknown Art path years ago, I knew that I’d be a weirdo for the rest of my life.  As new opportunities and challenges come up, I stop thinking about what other people would say, and I go with my gut feeling.

It often doesn’t make logical sense.

It looks and sounds crazy, and I do sometimes have people question my motives.  My friends and family are well versed in this ongoing shift and transition, so they’re not so bothered anymore.

Customers and bystanders are often scratching their heads trying to put the pieces together and connect the dots.

Sometimes you can only connect the dots by looking backwards.

I can be really hard on myself for the progress that seems to move in slow motion.  When I look back and reflect on all that I’ve accomplished, I’m often amazed at the results and think about the courage that it took to get there.

Sometimes moving forward is hard.  It’s scary and unknown.  It can be painful and awkward.  In some cases, it felt like I peeled off my skin, examined every inch, and had to ponder whether or not to jump back in it, or shed it completely, and grow new skin.

If personal development was always roses and sunshine, everyone would be doing it.  It’s more like rainbows and butterflies.  Storms and enormous transformation to get the beautiful and magical result.

I sincerely hope that each person on this planet figures out what they love to do, and take the chance on themselves and just do it!  The world needs more love, happiness and joy, and people doing what they do best!

Until tomorrow!

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Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl