Abundance Deep Dive: Day 19

Dear Diary,

Today was all about Heart Alignment with career and income.  I love it!  I’ve had the experience of no alignment and a huge paycheque, feeling like a cog in the machine, and just a number to a company.

I’ve also had the experience of creating pieces of art using scraps and bits of trash, and people paying me a pretty penny for it.  But it isn’t always like that.  I’ve taught classes just for the money, and resented it afterwards.

How do I find the balance?  What is that missing piece that I’m not getting?


Alignment is just one piece of that puzzle.  The other pieces are my Values.  When Steve was connecting the dots for us today, it stood out to me like a bright flashing neon light:  Saying YES to partial matches will throw you out of alignment, and tells the Universe to send you more of the same.  Hence the feeling I’m on a hamster wheel.

When we find that sweet spot of matching courage with creativity, the pieces just come together like magic.  What’s holding it all together?  Your Values!

I had this incredible lightbulb moment of flashing back to the last class I taught that felt like a chore, and realized that I had gone against one of my core values: Enjoyment.

I put Money ahead of having FUN, and suddenly I’m miserable even when I have the money.  FUCK.

I’m at the point now where I get to decide how I want to move forward.  How can I keep my values top of mind and still make a living?

First, I’m going to reevaluate my values to make sure nothing has changed.  As I grow and evolve, I allow myself to make different choices, and some things become more important to me as I get older and wiser.  I have a feeling they’re still going to be the same, but here’s my chance to make a shift if needed.

Second, I will no longer say YES to anything that goes against my Values.  Period.  I just had the experience of saying YES to what felt like an amazing decision, and it turned out to shower me in Abundance of money and happiness!  Win/Win!

The Universe tests us with these silly little traps, and sends us partial matches to see if we will stay the course.

In order for me to be in complete alignment, I need to be willing to say NO to anything less than my ideal.  It sounds crazy to toss away perfectly acceptable opportunities as they show up, but often those decisions are made in a scarcity mindset.  This isn’t the time to settle.  This is the time to set a higher standard for myself and make sure that I’m doing what’s best for my heart and soul, not just my bank account.

When I satisfy that little voice inside me, the one who pushes me to go BIG, money usually follows.  I don’t have to chase it or even look for it.  It just shows up, and the resources, people and circumstances I need are often landing in my lap at exactly the right time.

So, I am choosing to follow that warm, fuzzy feeling right now.  It doesn’t make logical sense, and it doesn’t have a label that I could put on it to be categorized and indexed for future reference.

Feelings don’t always work like that, at least mine don’t.  Right now feels like glitter and sparkles suspended in the air with a small sliver of sunshine beaming in; warm & glowing.  Beautiful classical music is playing and all I want to do is dance and twirl.  So I will, for as long as I can!

Until tomorrow!

Dream BIG❤️Create Often❤️Inspire Others

Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl