Abundance Deep Dive: Day 20

Dear Diary,

Today was all about Efficiency.  Steve started by chatting about Lucid dreams, and it reminded me of my experiences with Lucid Dreaming.  I get so excited when I finally realize I’m dreaming that I wake up.  I’ve yet to control or create anything in my dream state.

Steve was telling us about his experience in that when the surroundings of the dream are too complex for the mind to create, the characters in his dreams fell flat.  Almost like his brain ran out of storage space, and energy.

By contrast, when he simplified the environment, and invited people into a plain room, the conversations took off, and he was able to have magnificent connections inside his dream.

The same goes for our lives.


If we are cluttering up the simulator with junk and unnecessary crap, there might not be room to create what we really want.


I find it ironic that as I write this, my computer storage is full, and I am in the process of figuring out a solution to eliminate some of the useless crap I’ve collected, and also find a better way to store the new stuff I’ve yet to create.

I can honestly say, it’s easier to start with the end in mind.  Any of the projects I started and knew I’d need to access over and over, or within minutes, I set them up so they are super organized.  Lots of different folders, and then a system to keep it running smoothly.  It’s also really easy to separate and backup individually too.

But when it comes to my imported photos, I’m now looking at 15,000 pics to sort thru, many of which are useless to me.  My iCloud storage can’t keep up with how fast I add them.

So what needs to change?

My storage or what I decide to keep in the first place?  Stop the behaviour that is creating the problem, and then figure out a solution to fix the results.

I’m at a point in my life where I get to say, Thank You and goodbye to my past, and start a new chapter in a new book.  It’s sad and exciting at the same time.  Letting go of ideas, projects and inspiration that I didn’t use or take advantage of, brings up emotions for me.

Forgiving myself for taking on too much, and forgiving myself for being “too busy” to sort through the photos as I went.  (That’s no longer an option moving forward.)

I’m also thinking about the person I need to become as I move into new ideas and challenges.  By hanging onto some of the things from the past, it will prevent me from becoming a better version of myself.

The reality is:  I don’t need it, and it’s not serving me.


So perhaps the photos of the trips and projects get sorted into 2 major folders and the rest can be deleted.  Those folders can be saved on a flash drive and I get to move on.  The answer is actually quite simple, but the story we we tell ourselves and get wrapped up in is what needs to be untangled.

I’m not going to die because I delete a bunch of photos.  It will make LOTS of room for new photos, experiences and memories.  This is an end, but it’s also a beginning.

Until tomorrow!

Dream BIG❤️Create Often❤️Inspire Others

Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl