Abundance Deep Dive: Day 22

Dear Diary,

I find that I’m distracted from the challenge, and my brain is buzzing about what’s next for me to create.

What a great problem to have, right?!  Lots of ideas popping in and the excitement is building!

Today’s chat was all about logic and action steps.  If you look at the main areas of life, are all of the choices you make leading you to long term success and abundance?

Are you taking care of your health, fitness and body?  Are you using preventative measures instead of putting out fires?  What could you be doing differently to make sure your health is in tip top shape for the long haul?

The same goes for finding balance in your life.  Spirituality, and calming the mind.  Do you take time to connect with source, or whatever it is that you believe in?  Are you able to carry those ideals into other areas of your life, and not just religion/spirituality?

When we are playing in the simulator, we can joke and be silly, but we can also have a deep connection with the Universe, that could have a ripple effect on other areas of our life.  Instead of having the need for a label for our connection to source, we could leave it open to interpretation and for growth and adaptation.

One of the main concerns Steve had for us when making a plan is thinking about the ever changing future.  As technology advances quickly, do we have a plan that can quickly adjust to the environment around us, or are we locking ourselves into a strategy that’s doomed to fail.

With the plan being adaptable, can one or two strategies cover many areas of our lives such as personal growth that also builds social connections and earns an income all at the same time?  Thinking smarter, but also creating a plan that feels good and keeps us in alignment.

The best plan that makes the most money and makes us famous in the process is useless if none of those things feel good.

It’s better to choose a path that makes less money, but feels exciting, intriguing and possibly a little scary, but will force us to grow and offer opportunities for our characters to develop.

The fact that I’ve chosen to dissolve my business and start fresh, without knowing if it will make money at all excites me beyond measure!  I feel alive again, and anything is possible!

I know that as long as I make decisions that are heart aligned and give me that warm fuzzy feeling, I’m on the right track, and everything will likely fall into place.  I have faith that the Universe will bring me the Full Matches I desire and I will become my Best Self in the process!

I’m stoked to see what tomorrow brings!  See you then!

Dream BIG❤️Create Often❤️Inspire Others

Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl