Abundance Deep Dive: Day 27

Dear Diary,

I love shooting videos, because sometimes it’s easier to say what I mean and vent a little at the same time!

Today was all about Taking Action! 

I get that it’s not the easiest thing when you’re in scarcity.  I do remember how it felt to feel hopeless and that nothing seemed to be working.

And that’s the problem.  We’re so stuck in our shit that we can’t see golden opportunities, even when they’re right in front of you.  It’s almost as if scarcity makes us blind to the good and keeps us stuck neck deep in cement.

How does a person start to take action?  Especially when you need a perfect plan to make sure you don’t fuck things up again!


Here’s the truth:  You will fuck things up again.  But it will likely be different things, and you’ll learn, just like the last time.  Nobody is perfect, and there is no such thing as a success story without some kind of failure, setback or fuckup.

So, what’s the worst that can happen?  Write it all out!  Think about the worst case scenario and paint a bloody picture.

I think you’ll realize that even if the worst happens, you are not likely to die, and the worst is not really likely to happen.

Now write out the Best Case Scenario.  In a perfect world where everything goes right and nothing could possibly go wrong, what happens?

If it makes it easier, think about a character in a movie.  What would be a great plot twist right about now?

Writing it out and seeing it in front of you takes some of the power away.  A lot of what we are scared of or are fearful of isn’t actually real.  It’s one version of how your story end.  You can make multiple alternate endings, or even change them halfway through just to shake things up!

For my own perfect paradise, I imagine that money doesn’t exist.  I live in Utopia and everyone does what they’re good at and is heart aligned for them.  I am able to create amazing art pieces, teach classes and teach others to teach classes.  I can create an epic Retreat and Art Centre that people can come and stay at, for as long as they want.  They learn how to create, play and grow their skills with different media.

When I get into this space of daydreaming, essentially, I start to dissolve the scarcity, and the ideas and opportunities start showing up.  That’s the magic part!  It doesn’t come from another person’s plan, or advice that was given to me.

It came from within!

Usually what follows is a surge of energy and motivation.  That’s when you Take Action!  Don’t let that inspiration pass you by!  Take full advantage of it, and trust it when it does show up.

It might seem crazy.  It might not make sense.  That’s ok!

You don’t have to ask everyone and their dog what to do with this new inspiration either.  Just take a small step towards it!

The inspiration and motivation will come like a wave.  If you don’t paddle out towards it, you’ll miss it, and who knows when another wave like that will show up for you.

Don’t worry about the “how’s” just lean in.  Let the Universe figure out the details.  Keep asking “what’s next?” and listen for the answer.

Watch for synchronicities, and if it feels like it’s a sign, it’s probably a sign!

Until Tomorrow!

Dream BIG❤️Create Often❤️Inspire Others

Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl