Abundance Deep Dive: Day 7

Dear Diary,

I had a pretty good day today, despite the fact that I’m just sitting down to write about today’s zoom call, and it’s 10:44pm.

Friend requests are pouring in, averaging 10-15 per day.  Since posting that I’ll be dissolving my business, I’m likely to have a good chunk of it sold off, and still keep a few things for myself, which is ideal!  Thanks Universe!

Today’s talk was about Story, but more from the social aspect.  How do we create our Relationships?  How do we show up?  Are we giving and receiving how we’d like?

If our life is like a movie, we can create whatever our heart’s desire.

I like Steve’s analogy about us, the actor, approaching the director, aka, the simulator, or the Universe, and giving them our input.  Maybe you’d like to have a better sex life, maybe there needs to be more emotional connection with the people you care about.

I know for myself, I’m not really into the “mushy gushy” in real life, but I love watching the cheesy, lovey-dovey Hallmark movies.  In real life, I sometimes feel awkward, and obviously the music overture is missing, and the room doesn’t spin around the slow motion kiss.

But does that mean I can’t have the same feeling in real life?  What would it take to find my own prince charming, with a 4D relationship?

That was one of my biggest takeaways today: 4D

Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit

Imagine having a relationship with someone when you’re at your Best Self.  You have amazing physical chemistry and connection, they can stimulate your mind, while connecting to your emotions.  And on a spiritual level, knowing that this person was brought into your life, at this exact moment, for this exact reason.  OMG how cool would that be?!

A dream come true for me!

One thing that Steve cautioned us with:  Don’t think you have to wait until you get your ducks in a row in order to ask the simulator or Universe for this person.  Ask NOW!

I have a substantial amount of excess weight I’d like to release before finding my ideal mate.  It is soooo tempting to hit the gym and get back to my ideal self before Mr. Right shows up.  The trick:  I could ask for him now, and he could be the person to help me become the best me.  He would love me exactly as I am, and helping me to feel better about myself as I released what’s no longer serving me could be the greatest gift of transformation for him!  Maybe, he’s waited his whole life for someone awesome like me to show up, and helping me get into shape is something we do together!

How awesome would that be?

I hope that by today, you’re beginning to realize how infinite your growth and opportunities are, and that you really can have anything you want!

Tomorrow, I’m going to journal and make a list of what Ideals I have: partners, business, bucket list items, etc!

It’s getting late, and as excited as I am about all of the possibilities, I do need to rest!

I’ll keep you posted on what I figure out!

Until Tomorrow!

Dream BIG❤️Create Often❤️Inspire Others

Brandi Penrose ~ CuteCraftyGirl