Borrowing Inspiration

I came across this guideline for you to check out!

Borrow Inspiration. 

We’ve all done it.  Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram are all easy platforms to borrow inspiration.  Here’s the thing: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with borrowing someone’s idea to get started on your own project.  Work smarter not harder. 

I have many of my webpages based on someone else’s design.  (Thrive Themes sets it up to easily use pre-made templates!) 

I’ve checked out other marketers to see how they set up the flow of ideas and the layout.  I then get going on my own work and voila!  It’s done. 

Where it gets tricky, is when you don’t change enough of the inspirational material and it resembles too closely the original work. 

So many people get caught up on copyright and I can see both sides of the argument. 

If you’ve slaved away on a project and someone rips it off and duplicates the work, then what?  You could get your panties in a knot and set out on the war path to nail them to the wall with copyright laws. 

I’m a firm believer in Karma.  If you’re going to be a douche and steal ideas and work from others, watch your back.  Karma can sneak up when you least expect it. 

I’m also of the mindset that I have better things to do, including creating new works rather than to worry about who’s stealing my ideas. 

My work stands for itself and I dare someone to copy it.  I have my own style and I find it hilarious when I see imitations of it.  I teach classes on it for heavens sake and the students have a hard time keeping up!

The argument could be that if someone does rip off your original and turns around and makes millions from it, that would be wrong.  Some of that moola should be yours, Right?  

I’m going to risk losing friends and pissing people off, but I disagree.  If it’s meant to be and my work is supposed to make me millions, it will.  I’ll take all necessary steps to keep grinding away and make it happen. 

But here’s the thing: most people don’t keep at it.  Sometimes they create a one-hit-wonder and that’s it.  It’s definitely a thought that I’ve considered a few times. 

What if one of my students do figure out how to improve my idea, take it and run with it and make a million dollars doing it.  Am I deserving of any of that?

No.  I think that’s part of how this works.  I can inspire and motivate someone to get off their butt and create.  I hope they make it big. I hope they make millions.  Cuz while they’re doing their thing, I’ll be doing mine.  

I love grinding away on whatever is important to me in the moment and hopefully inspiring more people to Dream BIG & Create Often.

This isn’t a competition for me. I hope we all make it. 

I hope we all have happy, fulfilling and abundant lives. 

I’m not chasing people for copyright.  I’m also not stealing other ideas with the intent of sticking it to them.  

Inspiration can come from anywhere.  

I think being honest about how it sparks for you and giving credit where credit is due goes a long way. 

I’m a I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of girl.  So if you’re going to borrow inspiration from me, and try your hand at it, I want to see it!

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Looking forward to see what you make!

Xo Brandi 

Dream BIG<img draggable=Create Often<img draggable=Inspire Others 

PS.  There’s a great article here by Ginger Davis that follows along with the image flowchart of copyright for artists, if that floats your boat! 

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