Getting My Mojo Back!

Getting my Mojo back!

I recently purchased a program from Grant Cardone and there’s a section on staying motivated.  Now, I do find I have to take everything he says with a grain of salt because our industries and values are slightly different.  At the core, the messages are the same.  

I am an Artist.  It took me many years to admit to that, and as time passes by, I continue to morph and adapt to my changing environment.  I’ve found this to be the most difficult part of being a Creative:  People want to put me into a container that makes sense to them.  Whether that’s a title, a profession, or even a medium I work with.  I like the term Artist because it can be open to so many interpretations.  I can get my hands dirty one day and make something beautiful out of garbage, or teach a class to seniors or build a website.  

The challenge is that sometimes life beats us down, and the effort it takes to keep putting one foot in front of the other can seem worthless.  Why bother?  Am I even making a difference? 

I decided to make some drastic moves in my life in the past 6 months or so, and I’m amazed at how my attitude has changed, and who I’m doing the work for.  

At the end of the day, I do it for my younger self.  To prove that I could do it, and achieve all that my heart desired back then, and to make her dreams come true.  

Nobody will be a bigger cheerleader for your work than You, so don’t stop!

I’m amazed at the lip service people will pay so long as they think they’ll get something from you, and if you wait long enough, true colours will start to show through.  

This is true for me too.  I’ve paused, and took a long hard look at my life.  I didn’t like the way I was earning money, and I stopped the cycle.  Now that it’s come to a full stop, and money is flowing from a different source, I have a different perspective.  

Part of me misses the interactions I had with my customers.  I realize how many times they wanted to buy something from me but I told them No.  “You didn’t need it.  You aren’t going to use it.  Don’t waste your money.”

Some ended up buying it from a competitor.  Some managed to convince me to sell to them.  The worst was when I was desperate for money, I started saying yes to everything and felt like I’d just pimped myself out to make my rent, car payment and pay my bills.  

This isn’t the artist life my younger self dreamed of.  Feeling cheap and slimy and willing to sell anything to keep a roof over my head.  

The shift happened slowly.  During my break I thought about all of the products, programs, and tools I could create to help all of my students.  I thought about the problems they’re having and how I could solve them.  I started giving away free advice, and strangers were contacting me to learn more.  

My Motivation tapped back into my Purpose, and I felt renewed. 

It had nothing to do with money.  I was chasing money and forgot who I really was.  I became so lost in the fog of “should do’s and have to’s” that I allowed that to consume me.  

By stepping away and putting everything on pause, I gained a different perspective.  I started seeing what projects I missed, and longed to have completed.  I started seeing past achievements as great milestones, and necessary steps to my journey.  

I looked back at my life with admiration, gratitude and love.  

I missed being me, and suddenly my present situation came rushing back.  I don’t like the job I have and I’m wasting time doing something I don’t like.  I find myself complaining about the mechanics and the management, and I actually thought about how I could jump ship and go back to my life as an Artist.  

As much as I dislike the current situation, it would be the same as when I left my artist life. 

If I keep jumping ship, when am I actually going to arrive anywhere?

The trick right now is to stay where I’m at, AND do more meaningful work.  Be grateful for what is working and stay motivated to make change happen in my life. 

One of the messages from Grant Cardone’s programs was:  Do what others refuse to do!

Most people jump ship.  Flip flop from one thing to the next hoping it will bring happiness, joy, success and money.  Does it ever work?  I’m beginning to think it doesn’t.  

What if I spend the next 28 days, all of February, being grateful for what I have, and continuing to strive for more?  Finish projects that I’ve started, and create the life I’ve always wanted.  

Today is Day 1.  The thing that others refuse to do is to be happy in their current situation, to complete outstanding tasks, and to be brave and share it with the world.  So here I am!

Looking forward to Tomorrow.  I’m not sure what will unfold, but I’m curious to find out!

xo Brandi

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