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Who is CuteCraftyGirl?

That’s me, Brandi Penrose!  My original Business was LoveWhimsy, and eventually it had to morph and evolve… so CuteCraftyGirl was born!

The Art is still funky, and now ALL of the classes are mobile!  I used to teach out of my home studio just north of Calgary, AB.  With the passing of my pets, and the realization I was becoming a borderline hoarder, I downsized and traded it all in to be a wandering Gypsy.  I love it!  Everything I own (mostly glass supplies) fits in a 10′ x 10′ storage unit, and my Prius C.

My Values

Honest, Authentic and I live to have FUN!  Life is too short to do things you don’t want to do, so I don’t!  I quit my job to live my passion, and I love spreading JOY wherever I go!

You'll hear me say Yes to things that make me happy and NO to things that suck my energy, or are not in alignment with my goals and dreams.

Keeping it simple, and living the dream ❤

Also addicted to coffee, cats, and indie playlists on Spotify

What does CuteCraftyGirl do?

Stained Glass 

made Easy

Easy to Follow

Tutorials, Supplies and Patterns

Turn your hobby 

into a business

Make Money

doing what you love!

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