You are so Creative!

I hear that one phrase over and over again as I encounter people, both online, and in my classes.

Yes, I am, but it’s not a magical thing that only I possess.  People look and treat me like I’m a unicorn.  Once in a lifetime opportunity, and they soak up as much as they can, thinking that’s the secret sauce.  

I’ll tell you the secret:  Practice Failing!

I never give up.  I am relentless, and I love the process of discovering what works, and what doesn’t.  I love the trial and error.  

I’ve made some gross and ugly shit along the way.  Some pieces I’ve kept, and some I’ve sold super cheap, just to get rid of it, making room for the new. 

I laugh, looking back at some of the catastrophes I’ve created.  They were all absolutely necessary in order for me to figure out what would work. 

Some pieces were labours of love, never to be repeated.  My 2 Mosaic pieces, are great examples.  They turned out even better than I had hoped, but it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be creating a class around either project.  Why?

They both took so many hours to complete, that the ROI just doesn’t add up.  

If it takes me a week to make a piece, and it’s only worth $150, it’s simply not worth repeating. 

Especially when simpler classes can fetch 10x that amount in a fraction of the time. 

It doesn’t mean I don’t love them, or appreciate them hanging on my wall right now.  I love them even more, knowing they are originals, never to be duplicated. 

I love to make things. 

I always have, and likely will continue to dream up crazy stuff, figure out how to make it, and attempt to perfect and streamline the idea in hopes it could transform into a class. 

I lose sleep at night dreaming up crazy shit.  And then the acumen side of my brain starts to crunch the numbers.  Is it even worth pursuing if the ROI isn’t there?  Sometimes not. 

Sometimes, I just have the burning desire to make it anyway, regardless of what the outcome will be.  Those are often the projects that I keep, like my Mosaic pair.  I’m ok with pouring my heart and soul into the piece, knowing it will likely stay with me.  It’s how I express love, and it shows people what I look like on the inside. 

It seems effortless to me, because I allow it to be.  I practice often, and allow myself to fuck up and make god-damned ugly art.  

I get better every time, and I love how I feel when I’m doing it.  I am the best version of myself when I surrender to the calling, and just get busy doing the work. 

I get into the zone.  I forget to eat.  I can go hours in silence and be completely alone while I create. 

That is Heaven to me. 

There are no rules.  I’m not there to impress anyone, and I’m not trying to “be” anything.  I’m living in the moment and completely confident in my abilities, and my faith that it will all work out in the end. 

I make mistakes.  I recognize it almost immediately, and I forgive myself in the same breath. 

There is no benefit to beating myself down over a learning opportunity.  Next time I can do it differently. 

Sometimes the mistakes are risks.  What will happen if I do it this way?  Someone told me I can’t do it, but had to explanation as to why.  So I do what they told me I can’t, to figure out the why.  Sometimes they were wrong, and I proved myself to be a superstar!  Sometimes they were right, and now I have more knowledge to share with others.

It took me a long time to admit that I was an artist.  Risk of judgement from others, as well as myself.  Artists are flakey, poor and weird.  Sometimes they are, and sometimes I am.  One day, I just said it, owned it, and slapped the badge of honour on my arm and wore it proudly.  I am an artist, and I am creative!  I never looked back.  

I’ve taken many leaps of faith into my life as an artist.  It wasn’t always easy.  The first one was definitely the hardest.  Deciding to leave my career behind, and jumping into art with both feet.  Cashed in my RSP’s, and started throwing shit up against the wall to see what would stick.  It was scary, but exciting.  

My life since has been a rollercoaster ride and I don’t regret a single thing.  I treat my mistakes like stepping stones:  Pick it up, and place it in front of me.  Keep going.  

I rarely repeat the same mistakes, I just make new ones.  Trusting the wrong people, putting all of my eggs in one basket without protecting the basket and clinging to bad relationships, hoping it would get better. 

Each time, I realize now, art is what saved me.  

I would dive into a new project, and let whatever happen, happen.  Sometimes I had a commission and it would pay the bills.  Sometimes, the act of completing something that looked spectacular in the end, gave me the hope and courage to keep going.  Keep Dreaming BIGGER, and tackle more difficult tasks that would eventually become my skill set. 

I stopped asking people what they thought of my work, especially friends, family and coworkers.  I didn’t need anymore critics in my life.  I needed cheerleaders. 

Social Media helped to open the door to a bigger community, and get me closer to fans and students. 

I made the shift from making stuff to sell, to teaching what I love.  I am now able to fully support myself teaching art, and I still get to travel and take trips to different parts of the world. 

I’ve accomplished everything I ever set out to, before my 36th birthday.  

So now what?  

Time to Dream BIGGER!

How can I help even more people?  How can I inspire them to create, and make epic shit of their own?

I’ve got some ideas, and I’ll start there.  I have a feeling that my life will take a few more crazy turns, and I’ll end up on a totally different journey, and that’s ok. 

The Universe has a bigger plan for me, and I’m not sure what it is yet.  I do know that I’ll be in for my own epic ride, and I promise to share whatever I discover and learn!

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Here's to your Creativity!

xo Brandi

Dream BIG❤️Create Often❤️Inspire Others 

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