Shit Happens

Shit Happens

I was called into work early, so my schedule and plans got shuffled around and I chose to sleep instead of being Creative.

I didn’t forget.  I made a choice.  

The best and worst part of being creative and making time to do what we love, is that sometimes we have to make hard choices, like sleeping instead of creating.   

Taking time to nourish and care for our bodies, and let the ideas swirl in our minds for one more day.  Sometimes the ideas become even better as they marinade in our minds, and the excitement builds. 

While I was working a job that I’m not particularly fond of, I was thinking about this post.  What would I rather be doing instead of this time consuming, doesn’t-pay-me-enough-money job?  Why do I choose this work instead of creating?

The problem with that kind of thinking:  It’s still complaining and not being grateful. 

Our results from the night’s work at my undesirable job were lacklustre.  Tips were mediocre and I had the experience of driving with no heat in -28°C for an hour.  Why?  

Maybe the Universe was trying to remind me to be grateful for what is working.  My seat warmer still worked, thank goodness!  And the vehicle was driving ok.  Thank goodness.

So why does it take a really crappy experience to jolt me back into being grateful again?

I’m a spiritual being having a human experience. 

I’m not perfect and I’m still practicing being grateful!

I do find that money is flowing in and out on a regular basis, and I’m not hurting for anything.  Having the experience of working for Tips, means I am more generous with others when I have the opportunity to tip.  I am so grateful for their service, and I give a little extra. 

I’ve never regretted giving more. 

I have an open heart and really feel appreciation for the person doing something nice for me. 

It doesn’t matter that they’re already being paid for it, because it’s their job.  The extra few dollars I give won’t break me.  I have faith it will show up for me again.  And it does. 

So does the same principal relate with time? 

Being generous with myself when I have lots of free time, and being extra grateful for how I spend it?  

What about when I have commitments and choices to make, and still being grateful that I can get back to creativity when my responsibilities are done?  Does this work?

I’m not sure.  

I’ve never considered being grateful for time spent away from creativity.  

I’m opening up to the possibility and I want to test to see if it works.  Being grateful for the time away from Stained Glass to recharge and refocus isn’t the same as being inspired to work, and not being able to.

Having the burning desire to dig out my computer and let the creative juices flow, but not having a minute to spare.  How do I catch myself to be grateful for that?  

I’m thinking it’s about practice every day.  Choose my thoughts wisely and not beat myself up when I fall short of my goal.  Celebrate the small wins and learn from my experiences.  

Here’s to being Grateful <img draggable=

I’ll keep you posted on my results!

xo Brandi

Dream BIG<img draggable=Create Often<img draggable=Inspire Others 

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