Valentines Day: Celebrating All kinds of Love

Happy Love Day!

Valentine’s Day can be viewed as a day to celebrate your partner.  Shower them with everything you can to prove how much you care. 

Cynical people get caught up in it being a holiday for corporations to make money.  The funny thing is, that’s how I feel about Christmas.  If it’s the joy of giving, why do so many people feel obligated and depressed? 


Change your thinking. 

I Adore Valentine’s Day!  I love seeing all the candy, flowers and cute decorations in all the stores.  I love it like most people love Christmas.  It’s the feeling in the air!  Knowing that people are celebrating Love, appreciation and finding ways of showing people what love looks like. 

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about loving another person, it’s about loving yourself too. 

When I go into every store and see the Hearts and girly colours everywhere, I get excited!  I remind myself to love me too!  To treat myself with kindness, and maybe even buy myself a treat. 

I think back to all of the lovely things I do for myself and for others, and I let that feeling consume me all day!

I don’t focus on the fact that I’m single. 

I think about friends and family, and do what I can to make them feel loved too!  I mail them cards decorated with hearts and stickers.  

The funny thing is, I see those silly cheesy valentines stuck to their fridges years later, just like when I was little.  

I don’t think anything is better than that!

So, here’s some of the things I liked and smiled at this Valentine’s Day.   Enjoy! <img class=

xo Brandi

Dream BIG<img class=Create Often<img class=Inspire Others 

Mail Valentines to People you love! Trust me, they'll appreciate it!

Being Connected!

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